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Development of Relay manufacturers in China
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Now the relay industry in China is developing faster and faster. Many companies appear in a large scale. The science & technology and new relay products are also turned out in the technical aspects. Currently, most of the domestic relay manufacturers technical inputs is relatively small, the product replacement rate is relatively slow, which is within the enterprise and related technical personnel lack the technical aspects of corporate investments.
At present, there are many problems in China relay industry:
Overall Technology backwardness. The main relay products beyond the validity of the patent protection. What’s more, imitation is more than innovation, no breakthrough in this line.
Product development is unbalanced. There are less high-tech, high value-added products, while the ordinary electromagnetic, non-sealed products are more. Relay products for the consumer are more than those for investment.
Enterprise development is unbalanced. The economic efficiency is not high for those enterprises with overall technical strength. However, labor-intensive assembled enterprises can still win a certain benefits, because of low labor costs and other factors. They depend on mass production.
Export products without high-added value. Export volume is large but with low-tech value. Export manufacturers competing prices down for the less labor costs. It is hard to get the share in the relay market.
These problems have hindered the relay industry. But many more smart relay manufacturers have based on the actual business. They are actively seeking a breakthrough for the development of domestic enterprises.
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