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ST launch a mobile small-sized energy-efficient temperature sensor
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Combined with the small size and low power consumption design and advanced features for mobile consumer electronics product realization of advanced management functions ST (temperature stmicroelectronics), launch a mobile small-sized energy-efficient temperature sensor, STTS751 for portable devices provide intelligent temperature management overbalanced function.

Today's consumers life form expectations SSD drive, notebook computer, electronic reader, smartphone, base station and digital billboard etc portable devices provide unprecedented performance and portability, when high load operation of electronic components is compressed into a limited space, heat generation may cause the system failure and reduces reliability. Through will stmicroelectronics new digital temperature sensor (DTS) STTS751 installed in the circuit, the system can provide accurate temperature data, to carry out the corresponding temperature management function, for example, start-up fan or closed circuit.

The size of the new generation of sensor for 2 x 2mm, than previous generation products more small, With 50 mu and A very low working current, 3 muon A standby current, and applies to battery power equipment single mode. Single mode can prolong the sensor's sleep time, when the system startup, can immediately provide instant read data.

STTS751 measurement precision in 1 ° C range, through the industry standard system management bus (SMBus) interface to a micro-controller, transfer temperature data developers can be easily will STTS751 design to a variety of consumer electronics and professional equipment, for example, SSD drive, big screen backlighting, intelligent battery, servers and routers, telecommunication and network infrastructure and electronic reader.

STTS751 of major features:

225 V working voltage, working temperature range - 40 ° C to 125 ° C +

The conversion time: 21ms (the 10 resolutions of the typical values)

Can modify Settings, optional 10 different conversion rate and four different resolution

0.0625 to 32 times per second conversion

9, 10, 11 or 12 resolution

Two way alarm: interrupt and automatic temperature adjustment

Support to the device type the assigned device address

Support SMBus 2.0 alarm response addresses (ARA) and overtime detection

STTS751 already on the market, provide 6-2 x 2mm needle UDFN 6L without fuses encapsulation or SOT23-6L traditional pins encapsulation.

5. Microchip for digital power expansion digital signal controller product line

MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY Inc. (American MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY company, announced that the expanding its applicable to digital switching power application of 16 DSPIC digital signal controller (DSC) line. With MICROCHIP existing SMPS and digital switching power series, compared to provide as much as new DSC fourfold storage capacity. In addition, these flexible DSC can be configured to a variety of topological structure, make the power source design personnel can very free to specific product application is optimized. 8 all-new DSC provide accuracy for 1ns of up to 18 channel pulse width modulator (PWM), make fully independent digital control circuit has reached unprecedented quantity.

To realize the digital switching power application of high speed and high precision digital control circuits, needs a high performance DSP engines, and special digital power peripherals. MICROCHIP 16 dsPIC33F "GS" series DSC provides specially designed for high performance, digital power source design of peripherals. On-chip digital power peripherals including high speed PWM, ADC and simulation comparator. New extended dsPIC33F "GS" series support induction cooker, uninterruptible power, solar and pure sine wave inverter, intelligent battery chargers, power factor correction, HID lighting, fluorescent lamp, LED lighting and AC - DC and DC - DC power converters etc many applications.

MICROCHIP high-performance single chip microcomputer department vice President Sumit Mitra said: "with the digital power DSC series, MICROCHIP further extended its industry leadership. These new devices can realize more extensive need more communication and achieve a more complex systems and control of digital power applications."

8 all-new dsPIC33F "GS" series digital power DSC use 12 to 18 high-speed, 1 ns precision PWM and one or two 10 on-chip digital control circuits, ADC realization for low latency, and high precision control provide 2-4 MSPS sampling rates. The new device covers 64 to 100 pins and 32 to 64 KB flash memory. These DSC has the interactive peripherals, can reduce processor intervention and can handle a high-speed current mode control real-time needs.

Development tools support

MPLAB integrated development environment, facing the dsPIC DSC MPLAB C compilers, MPLAB SIM 30 simulators, MPLAB ICD 3 online debugger and MPLAB REAL ICE online simulation system are supported dsPIC33F "GS" series DSC.

For advanced development, MICROCHIP Explorer 16 development board (part Numbers: DM240001) and step-down/boost converter PICtail Plus son board (part Numbers: AC164133) cooperate to use. For the new dsPIC33F 16 Explorer "GS" series plug module (part Numbers: MA330024) today listed, it would help this first-of-its-kind DSC series of development, especially the dsPIC33FJ64GS610 100 pins .

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