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According to the principle of action points

1.Electromagnetic relay: input parameter for voltage or current

2.Polarized relay: by polarized magnetic field and control coil magnetic fields produced by the comprehensive action to make armature action of the relay

3. Magnetic keep relay: relay coil without electricity, contact remain in the coil before power position

4. Temperature relay: using the thermal effect and action of the relay, the temperature level to decided to relay output state is changed

5. Special relay

a. acceleration relay: the product of the size of the acceleration sensor to control relay action

b. wind speed relay: the wind flow size to control relay action

According to the form of the structure points

1. Take the right relay: relay armature around directions rotary certain Angle

2. Balance rotary relay: armature around through the center of mass of the spindle rotation

3. Solenoid relay

4. Balance relay: relay in the release condition to keep armature magnetic force and suction close state pole shoe to armature is roughly equivalent to the suction

5. Reed relay


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